FusionReactor 8.6.0 Released

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FusionReactor 8.6.0 released yesterday – November 18, 2020

Following the recent Adobe release, we are pleased to announce that FusionReactor has been updated and fully supports ColdFusion 2021.  We also support CF 2021 in our instance manager and if you use the Adobe Perfmon module you will see all of the CF metrics in FR. Download FusionReactor 8.6 here

We have had a lot of requests for Elasticsearch support and we are happy to say that we now support the Jest-Elasticsearch Java Client and the official Elasticsearch-Java REST Client.

It’s been a big year for our SaaS offering FusionReactor Cloud and Spring-Boot users will be pleased to see all transactions are now available for deep insight.  The SaaS version of FusionReactor is available at the same monthly cost as On-Prem and you also get an On-Prem license included with SaaS.  Try it for free.  If you already use On-Prem then you can talk to us about switching.

FusionReactor 8.6.0 Released – Full list of improvements and bug fixes

To see the full list of improvements and bug fixes visit the release page in the Docs.