FusionReactor v5 Java Server Monitor – A feature tour

Announcing Ortus ProfileBox – a ColdBox profiling / monitoring extension for FusionReactor 5
EULA V2 – FusionReactor 5

A 20 minute feature tour of FusionReactor v5 visiting:

  • Enterprise Dashboard
  • Web Metrics
  • Real-Time Running Request List
  • Request History
  • Request Details
  • CPU Thread Time
  • TCP/IP Stream Metrics
  • HTTP Headers
  • JDBC Transactions
  • HTTPClient/WebService Transactions
  • Longest Requests (since server started)
  • Slowest Requests (recent pages longer than threshold)
  • HTTP 500 Server Error Details
  • User Experience Monitoring (UEM) (e.g. client network & browser rendering time)
  • Custom Transactions (e.g. tracking custom API calls)
  • Custom Metrics (tracking custom business metrics – e.g. revenue)
  • Custom Dashboard (e.g. revenue vs page execution time chart)
  • Metric History (e.g. CPU last hour/day/week; pan/zoom; etc)
  • Both Heap & Non-Heap Memory Spaces (e.g. PermGen)
  • Garbage Collection Timing
  • Thread State Charts (e.g. identifying locking contention)
  • EnGuard Crash Protection (e.g. alerts before failure or prevents server from failing)
  • Daily Report Email (e.g. managers don’t need to login for overview metrics)
  • Log rotation & archiving (including JVM logs)
  • Info/Warn/Error Notification system
  • Desktop, iOS, Android dashboard application
  • Stack trace running request (e.g. see what line of code is currently being executed / where a slow page is stuck)
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