OpsPilot AI: Empowering Your Applications with Advanced Observability

Ingesting data into FusionReactor with the Observability Agent
Mastering Java Application Troubleshooting with FusionReactor and OpsPilot AI at The Java Forum Stuttgart

Find problems before they happen

OpsPilot AI is an advanced observability solution providing powerful insights into the performance of your applications. By combining real-time data collection, predictive analytics, and natural language queries, OpsPilot AI enables you to identify and resolve issues before they occur, optimize the performance of your applications, and reduce downtime.

OpsPilot AI is wherever you need it most

OpsPilot AI is seamlessly integrated into the FusionReactor UI at key points where it can provide the most contextual value. These integration points include error logs, stack traces exceptions as well as being able to explain code.

Wherever the OpsPilot AI link is displayed, users can easily access relevant explanations and solutions to the issue at hand.

Three ways to use OpsPilot AI

  1. Select OpsPilot AI to construct your own DevOps questions in the text box at the bottom of the screen. Enhanced prompts with additional context, provide more accurate & relevant responses to your questions.
OpsPilot AI: Empowering Your Applications with Advanced Observability, FusionReactor

2. The Error Context integration can be found anywhere there is decompiled code. This OpsPilot AI integration provides general explanations for how the error was thrown, potential causes of the error and even offers possible solutions.

OpsPilot AI: Empowering Your Applications with Advanced Observability, FusionReactor

3. The Stack Trace integration is located where there are stack trace errors. OpsPilot AI gives general insight into the stack trace & potential causes of the error.

OpsPilot AI: Empowering Your Applications with Advanced Observability, FusionReactor

We’re just getting started

OpsPilot AI is FusionReactors advanced observability solution that leverages generative AI to provide powerful insights into the performance of your applications. In short, OpsPilot AI is your own DevOps assistant building a context around your systems to help identify and resolve issues.

How do I get OpsPilot?

Getting OpsPilot is easy, just start a free FusionReactor Observability platform trial.

What else does FusionReactor do?

FusionReactor, the ultimate Observability platform, becomes even more potent with its integration of OTel. This dynamic duo unleashes a wave of benefits, revolutionizing application monitoring and troubleshooting. By harnessing OTel’s standardized instrumentation and data collection, FusionReactor amplifies its prowess, delivering unparalleled insights into performance and behavior. Real-time visibility, critical metrics, distributed traces, and logs management, empowering developers and DevOps teams with lightning-fast root cause analysis and performance optimization. With FusionReactor and OTel in sync, you effortlessly monitor and analyze applications across diverse environments, from on-premises to cloud, and hybrid deployments. Together, they unlock the gateway to superior observability, enabling you to conquer performance issues with unrivaled precision. Brace yourself for a new era of robust and reliable applications that leave your users in awe.

OpsPilot AI: Empowering your applications with advanced observability

Harness the power of OpsPilot AI and FusionReactor to propel your applications to new heights. With real-time insights, predictive analytics, and effortless issue resolution, you can optimize performance, reduce downtime, and stay one step ahead. Embrace the future of observability and let OpsPilot AI be your trusted DevOps assistant, guiding you towards a world of seamless operations and unparalleled success. Start your journey today and witness the transformative impact of advanced observability on your application ecosystem. The possibilities are endless, and the results are extraordinary.