[FRS-426] FusionReactor incompatibility with Lucee and

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Due to a change in the thread handling for requests made in Lucee and Lucee certain features of FusionReactor, including request tracking, the user experience monitoring, session tracking and application name handling are no longer working as they used to.

We believe this could affect anyone who uses a Java API which uses thread locals to maintain some state.

UEM (User Experience Monitoring) uses the FusionReactor API to track metrics, which means for these versions of Lucee all UEM features including session tracking and user metrics are unavailable.

Issues you can experience with these Lucee versions:

  • Application names not being tracked correctly
  • Child transactions (e.g HTTPClient and JDBC) are not be linked to their parent (e.g. Web Request) correctly.
  • UEM tracking not functioning
  • Session tracking not functioning
  • Stack traces will not show CFML template names and line references

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-426
Components: Request Managment
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: Today 3:52 PM
Affects Version: 6.2.8
Fixed Version: Pending
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