The Top Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software for Small-Business

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The Top APM for Small-Business

We have been on the G2 Review site for a little under a year; we have encouraged our customers to leave reviews on G2 and have made it to the top of the Best APM for Small business category by customer satisfaction. This makes us very proud as it is our customers who have placed us here and we thank them for their kind words and continued commitment to FusionReactor. is a real-time and unbiased user review website that specializes in business software. It uses algorithms to calculate scores based on detailed reviews that real (and verified) customers leave.

The team at FusionReactor has always been proud of our software and our service and historically we have always had extremely good reviews from the FeeFo service.

We are competing with some very big players and indeed very big budgets so you can imagine our delight to be ranked #1 APM for Small business. Winning an overall satisfaction score of 91 out of 100

The Top Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software for Small-Business, FusionReactor
The Top Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software for Small-Business

Some of the competitors in the Small Business category of APM

Invaluable Insights with FusionReactor

Our reviews are from customers who use our APM with Java and ColdFusion applications. Looking through our reviews you will quickly see that customers particularly like the depth of insight that FusionReactor gives its users.

I love the ability to immediately gain insight into actual, real world production issues and the system factors behind them. From system resources to network or database congestion and conflicts, it’s all right there at your fingertips

Easily the best tool I’ve used for root causes analysis on the JVM – and one of the cheapest too

FusionReactor provides amazing insight into the server health, specifically in regards to the way ColdFusion is operating. The reporting and visualization into the server are fantastic!

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