Updates to FusionReactor On-Premise: Streamlining for the future

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Important changes to our product offerings and billing system

From April 16th, 2024 FusionReactor will move to a single edition and we want to let you know exactly what this means for you:

  • Unification of product editions: We’re moving to a single version of FusionReactor based on our Ultimate edition. You will be upgraded to the Ultimate edition if you’re currently using Standard or Enterprise editions.
    • From April 16th 2024: All installed instances of FusionReactor in all environments, including production, will be upgraded to the Ultimate edition, enabling all ultimate features, including the debugger, profiler and event snapshots.
  • A phased pricing update: We are introducing a phased pricing approach to align with this change.
    • From May 2024: You will pay the list price of the edition you are currently subscribed to. We want to ensure this transition is as smooth and beneficial for you as possible. Therefore, we are offering a 12-month period at this list price, allowing you to enjoy all the additional features of the Ultimate Edition.
    • From June 2025: We will unify pricing to be the price of the Ultimate Edition for all customers. This adjustment is a step towards simplifying our pricing structure and reflecting the enhanced value and capabilities now accessible to everyone.
  • Enhanced billing experience: We’ve listened to your feedback and are excited to announce that we’re upgrading to a new billing platform powered by Stripe, designed with your convenience in mind.  Look forward to a smoother, more flexible billing experience.
    • This change addresses the challenges some of you faced with updating credit card details and adjusting product quantities.
    • We’ll notify you when it’s time to enter your payment details into the new system.
    • In Stripe all subscriptions are billed monthly. If you have an annual commitment, you will continue to receive a 20% discount. This approach ensures flexibility while rewarding long-term commitment.

Over the last nine years, FusionReactor has maintained stable pricing, reflecting our deep dedication to affordability and delivering unmatched value to our customers. Our upcoming shift to a unified Ultimate Edition, coupled with a pricing update, stems from our genuine desire to offer our community the finest product and service.

Additional capabilities of FusionReactor Ultimate

An array of advanced features and capabilities powered by the ULTIMATE edition complements our shift to a unified, enhanced edition of FusionReactor. These capabilities are specifically designed to maximize your monitoring and root cause analysis.

Here’s what FusionReactor ULTIMATE brings to your toolkit:

  1. Continuous Code Profiling
    Navigate the complexities of your application with our continuous code profiling feature, providing immediate transparency into performance bottlenecks and inefficiencies at the code level.  This has been recognized as one of the most valuable benefits of the Ultimate edition.
  2. Real-time Production Debugging
    Address and resolve issues swiftly with real-time production debugging, a feature designed to diagnose and rectify problems without disrupting your live environment. This capability ensures ongoing productivity and stability, allowing you to maintain service quality.
  3. Resource Profiling
    Gain a comprehensive understanding of how your application utilizes resources with detailed resource profiling. This insight allows you to make informed adjustments, improving efficiency and reducing overhead, leading to a more streamlined and cost-effective operations.
  4. Automated Error Detection
    Receive precise diagnostics to enable timely resolution of issues, significantly reducing downtime and enhancing user experience. Elevate your application’s stability with automated error detection.

Enabling the Ultimate features should have no impact on the performance of the running application, if you experience any unexpected behaviour contact support for assistance.

By visiting our Ultimate Features page, discover what FusionReactor ULTIMATE offers, including detailed feature breakdowns and instructional videos.

Important note on Production Debugging: This unique tool allows you to access scope variables and understand your application’s behavior during execution, providing unparalleled insights. However, it’s essential to manage this capability responsibly due to its powerful nature.  For detailed guidance on securely leveraging this feature, as well as how to disable this completely, please visit our Production Debugging Security Documentation.

Why these changes

Our decision to move to a single Ultimate Edition and update our pricing comes from a place of wanting to provide the best possible product and service to our community. By focusing on one edition, we can channel all our efforts into making the Ultimate Edition the most robust and feature-rich version of our software. This change is also part of our commitment to transparency and simplicity in our pricing and offerings.

Pricing updates

In our effort to simplify the billing process, we’re transitioning all customers to a monthly billing cycle. Annual commitments continue to receive a 20% discount, but you will be billed monthly.

Current list price – FusionReactor STD, ENT, and ULT Editions: 

STD (Monthly) $46 €40 £36
STD (Annual) $468 €438 £372
ENT (Monthly) $70 €66 £56
ENT (Annual) $708 €660 £600
ULT (Monthly) $95 €90 £81
ULT (Annual) $948 €900 £804
DEV (Monthly) $23 €22 £19
DEV (Annual) $228 €216 £180

If you are on grandfathered pricing and are paying less than the prices listed above, the price for FusionReactor from May 2024 will be updated to match the Current List Prices.

New pricing starting June 2025

(Annuals show monthly prices with a 12-month commitment):

FusionReactor (Monthly) $95 €90 £81
FusionReactor (Annual) $79 ($948) €75 (€900) £67 (£804)
FusionReactor DEV (Monthly) $23 €22 £19
FusionReactor DEV (Annual) $19 ($228) €18 (€216) £16 (£192)

Looking ahead

We’re looking forward to this new chapter together.  By consolidating our offerings and updating our pricing, we’re setting the stage for a future where we can deliver even more value to you, our customers. Thank you for your continued support and trust in us. We can’t wait to embark on this journey together.

We’re here to support you

We understand that changes can be challenging, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our customer sales and support teams are ready to answer any questions and assist you through this transition. We truly believe these changes will bring a new level of efficiency and effectiveness to your work, and we’re excited to see how you leverage the full potential of the Ultimate Edition.

Contact our sales team at sales@fusion-reactor.com for sales inquiries or our support team at support@fusion-reactor.com for technical issues – or use chat via the website.