FusionReactor 4.5.x Release Notes

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FusionReactor Rev. 4.5.x


Status: 5-APR-2013

Welcome to FusionReactor!

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These Release Notes describe what is contained in this release, provide
late-breaking news, and list additional documentation for the software.

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Key Issue Type Summary
FR3217 Bug Reapplies fix FR2821 which was inadvertently reverted


Key Issue Type Summary
FR3171 Bug Setup shows an error dialog saying ‘Unable to save FusionReactor Preferences’
FR3172 Bug Setup fails to update version 4.5.x on MacOS


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2994 Bug If a FRAM archive worker thread exited due to an uncaught runtime exception (e.g. a low memory condition) or because an archive was corrupt, any attached instances whose FusionAnalytics Connector mode was “Sent to targets by FRAM” would accumulate queued FRAM archive requests. This has been fixed. The two archive purge strategies, Age Target and Size Target, have been optimized to consume fewer system resources.
FR3123 Bug A synchronizer which controlled access to FusionReactor’s configuration by JDBC wrapper functionality has been optimized.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2887 Bug During a Post-Crash Rotation (if enabled), the Plugin Manager could report an “Assertion Error” because it was being started twice.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2821 Improvement JDBC Wrapper refresh for signatures in JDBC released version in Java 1.7.
FR2839 Bug In FRAM-Send mode, when FRAM is not available, source log folders are not deleted
FR2840 Bug Subscription licenses issued before approx. 16th March 2012 cannot be installed
FR2841 Bug Installer not updating version in Windows Uninstall
FR2843 Bug FusionReactor 4.5 windows menu item points to FusionReactor 4.0 release notes
FR2834 Bug javax.mail.MessagingException: IOException while sending message; nested exception is: javax.activation.UnsupportedDataTypeException: no object DCH for MIME type. Fixes CFMAIL issue on CF10.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR2606 New Feature Support for ColdFusion 10 and CF10 Solr
FR2652 New Feature FREC support for ColdFusion 10
FR2625 New Feature Support for Railo 3.3
FR2638 New Feature OSGi Modularization of FusionReactor.
FR2608 New Feature Replace NativeLib with an OSGi Service Bundle
FR2773 New Feature Inhibit the dumping of loaded and started bundles, as well the post-startup bundle status
FR2613 New Feature Support for Plugin Editions
FR2516 Improvement Improve ColdFusion* detection in Instance Manager
FR2701 Improvement Improve Railo detection in Instance Manager
FR2767 Improvement Instance Manager should use the default names for the Tomcat6 and Tomcat7 Windows Services
FR2641 Improvement Remove FR Mail JARS placed in Tomcat when FR Instance is installed into it
FR2630 Improvement Reduce the instance popup box to fit 1366*768 on Chrome
FR2597 Improvement Refresh FRAM’s Tomcat to version 7.0.26
FR2708 Improvement Confusion with instance permissions on *nix systems
FR2751 Improvement Installer should attempt to fix up the split jar installations
FR2634 Improvement The default group for the runtime user on Unix should be ‘bin’ and not ‘root’
FR2637 Improvement The JVM running FRAMD should be upgraded to the newest stable 1.6 version
FR2573 Improvement Speeding up applying permissions on *nix systems
FR2626 Improvement Remove native libs
FR2778 Improvement FusionReactor should fail gracefully if it cannot read its configuration file
FR2640 Improvement Improve CP Email
FR2650 Improvement Create a fusionreactor-plugin-api artifact to stop plugins using the fusionreactor-core and inheriting it’s dependencies
FR2607 Improvement Stack traces generated by FusionReactorare written to a stacktrace.log instead of to the Console / Console Log for JVMs 1.5 and higher
FR2596 Improvement Reduce the scope of the FTrace command’s lock on RequestMap
FR2715 Improvement Add FusionAnalytics Target popup too large for low resolutions
FR2643 Bug NullPointerException is thrown when licence expired and JDBC query runs
FR2636 Bug Solaris: FR only ever runs as root
FR2623 Bug Text is cut off in Enterprise Dashboard
FR2657 Bug FusionAnalytics Connector Manager ignores Username and Password
FR2667 Bug Cross Site Scripting vulnerability (XSS)
FR2721 Bug Longest Requests does not shows a detail icon for a request that is still in the history (also running?) but shows a number instead
FR1755 Bug Derby AutoCommit causes BLOB/CLOB operations to fail.
FR2748 Bug Average Memory graph on Enterprise Dashboard groups shows 0KB.
FR2747 Bug Instance (read/write) errors are masked in the Instance manager
FR2654 Bug The JDBC Wrapper only reports the last execution of a multi-executed prepared statement to FR (on close()).
FR2692 Bug Compression sets the Content-Encoding header to gzip when Compressions settings are set to Enabled and Compress the requests that match the rules although no rules are set.
FR2704 Bug Full disk space in FusionAnalytics breaks log transfers, FusionReactor gives no useful information.

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-291
Components: Installer
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: 02/Oct/15 2:37 PM
Affects Version: 4.5.0
Fixed Version: 4.5.0
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