FusionReactor 6.x Release Notes

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FusionReactor Rev. 6.x Release Notes


Status: 15-Aug-2017

Welcome to FusionReactor!

We appreciate your feedback. Please use the contact us web form.

These Release Notes describe what is contained in this release, provide
late-breaking news, and list additional documentation for the software.

The help for this product is now online, where it can be constantly updated and refreshed. You can find it here:


Known issues can be found here. Further help and support can be found at the following locations:


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Key Issue Type Summary
FR6782 Improvement New DigiCert certificate to sign Windows Setup.
FR6757 Bug Unable to view User > Sessions page when applications contain certain characters.
FR6728 Bug Uninstall fails when uninstalling FusingReactor after upgrading from 4.x or 5.x.
FR6781 Bug NullPointerException occurs when using ColdBox 3.8.1.
FR6761 Bug Coldbox transaction names are not being tracked.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6772 Bug NullPointerException can occur during license renewal.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6261 Improvement Improvement to CFML transaction names
FR6280 Bug Profiler time out for transactions doesn’t work after a restart
FR6329 Bug The Enterprise Dashboard crashes after a period of time


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6259 Improvement Provide a mechanism to control the license / activation uniqueness in cloned virtualized environments.
FR6256 Bug Production Debugger fails to activate when using an old version of the native debug library with the newest fusionreactor.jar
FR6240 Bug Disabling / inhibiting bundles in FusionReactor can affect what other bundles are enabled when an license is entered.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6175 Improvement Allow POST parameters to be obfuscated/hidden.
FR6211 Improvement FRAM should have a banner message if no instances have been installed.
FR5915 Bug The FusionReactor installer fails to add system links on openSuse 11.4
FR6209 Bug framPort missing error messages can appear when uninstalling
FR6206 Bug Typo on Breakpoints page.
FR6223 Bug Setup does not show previous version upgrade warning from earlier 6.x versions.
FR6191 Bug FusionReactor debug library prevents startup when used with other debug agents / jdwp.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6194 Improvement Several usability improvements to the Request > Applications page.
FR6197 Improvement Reduce the memory requirement for Application tracking.
FR6179 Improvement With the Debugging Agent installed, ColdFusion startup and page compile times slow down significantly.
FR6182 Improvement Reduce the CPU load of Application/External Sources tracking.
FR6160 Bug FR-Tracked page access before FR is fully started can cause a ClassNotFoundException to be emitted.
FR6190 Bug Decompiler no longer shows line numbers in some circumstances.
FR6193 Bug CFHTTP calls are not tracked correctly into External Sources tracking.
FR6208 Bug Fixes a browser memory issue in Application-based pie-chart graphs.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6174 Improvement FusionReactor’s decompiler now supports running on Java 1.6.
FR6142 Bug Daily reports calculates the incorrect downtime in some cases.
FR6129 Bug FusionReactor is monitoring its own HTTPClient requests when running on Jira Servers.
FR6172 Bug The production debugger is sometimes not sending emails on CF8.
FR6165 Bug ColdFusion 8 requires a system property to be set to allow license activation. FusionReactor will now fallback to HTTP if HTTPS fails due to SSL issues.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6114 Bug Corrected buffer overflow when exceeding 2 billion requests.
FR6128 Bug Exception from JDBC post processor
FR6119 Bug NTLM auth is not set correctly on license connections
FR6122 Bug Add option to have the proxy used only for external connections
FR6121 Bug Add test button to proxy configuration page


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6057 Improvement Pie chart legend/titles improved to better reflect contents
FR6086 Improvement Add Digest Authentication for Proxy Settings
FR6090 Improvement Inability to parse JDBC connection string results in over logging
FR6056 Bug App/DB table headers lose the current context when clicked for sorting
FR6055 Bug Error count on App/DB pages can be larger than the number of hits
FR6089 Bug FusionAnalytics connector causing increased CPU load and failed to transfer archives


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6079 Bug StringIndexOutOfBounds on jdbc transactions.
FR6070 Bug Max uptime is calculated wrong for monthly report.
FR6080 Bug Javamelody causes FusionReactor to write stacktraces to be written to standard out.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5848 New Feature Overview of application and datasource performance
FR5831 New Feature Proxy Settings for FusionReactor outgoing license connections
FR5972 New Feature FusionReactor will now run with CommandBox
FR5838 Improvement Production Profiler improvements
FR5886 Improvement Debugger support for older OS distributions.
FR5903 Improvement FRAM – Improvements to CF-Multi servers startup after upgrade
FR5758 Improvement Integrate the FR Kinesis transport bundle into the agent.
FR5980 Improvement Improved the UI for Production Profiler
FR5856 Improvement Production Profiler Menu Item
FR5930 Improvement Allow FusionReactor to specify its local ED group via configuration option
FR5747 Improvement Improvements to Mongo transaction descriptions
FR4616 Improvement Allow FusionReactor to specify its cloud group via convention (-D + reactor.conf) option
FR5919 Bug Corrected Null Pointer Exception on Transaction open
FR4605 Bug Corrected Null Pointer Exception on shutdown of FR
FR5872 Bug FRAM – not installing debug library on CF 64-bit on Linux.
FR5807 Bug Correcte UI when accessing transaction that has left history.
FR5876 Bug FRAM Null Pointer Exception on when searching for Java architecture.
FR5911 Bug Corrected Jetty HTTPS migration from pre FR 6 versions.
FR5882 Bug Corrected NumberFormatException in class Formatter method round
FR5881 Bug Corrected incorrect sending for FusionReactor reports
FR5906 Bug Corrected loading of Sigar library for some PowerPC versions
FR5868 Bug Corrected Expiry date shown in FusionReactor to display correct expiry date
FR5981 Bug Corrected Production Profiler max sample setting
FR5977 Bug NPE on Applications
FR5953 Bug Prevent Username/Password fields from being autocompleted by browsers
FR5945 Bug FRAPI added option to register a sampel call back to produce custom graphs in FusionReactor
FR5913 Bug Correct issues with Lucee Server Application Naming


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5918 Bug Crash Protection Runtime Protection with Abort and Email notification can trigger a NullPointerException under very heavy load.
FR5897 Bug UEM Database series not shown on 1 hour, 1 Day and 1 Week graphs.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5873 Bug FRAM does not install the debug library on ColdFusion 64-bit on a Linux operating system.
FR5904 Bug FRAM fails to upgrade a CF-Multi servers to 6.1.x as it doesnt wait for the server to stop fully.
FR5877 Bug FRAM – NullPointerException when searching for Java architecture.
FR5871 Bug The relations Gantt chart for Transactions only shows the duration of the first transaction


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5858 Bug Fixed an issue where viewing the JDBC aggregate on a running request would result in a NumberFormatException


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5148 New Feature Production Profiler
FR5671 Bug Instance manager could corrupt jvm.config file for coldfusion 8/9
FR5733 Bug Added the RATE value back into the resource log file
FR5713 Bug Corrected bug where Lucee 4 would appear as 2 servers in instance manager
FR5731 Bug Corrected issue where incorrect license deactivation notifications would appear
FR5653 Bug Corrected bug during manual license activations
FR5797 Bug Corrected exception when processing reports
FR5839 Bug Corrected issue where certain JRun4 filters would get skipped when using FusionReactor
FR5804 Bug Corrected issue where CPU samples would be taken too quickly when then system clock is adjusted
FR5748 Bug Corrected dates on monthly report when the month is incomplete
FR5835 Bug Corrected issue where graphs would aggregate the data when viewing large time scales
FR5845 Bug Corrected issue where weekly reports would not be sent
FR5840 Bug Corrected values for web requests in resource log
FR5652 Bug Removed incorrect warning when saving report configuration
FR5712 Bug Corrected numbers of JDBC aggregates on transaction details
FR5722 Improvement Improved the starting of some servers in instance manager
FR5711 Improvement Added support for ColdFusion 2016
FR5707 Improvement Added support for WildFly 10
FR5706 Improvement Added support for Tomcat 9
FR5772 Improvement Corrected memory space graphs when using G1 garbage collector
FR5767 Improvement Improved performance of the Guard alert email generation
FR5784 Improvement UPD libraries are not installed on centos when GLIBC is not available
FR5828 Improvement Performance improvement to ColdFusion line performance sampler
FR5790 Improvement Updated the bundled JVM in the setup
FR5701 Improvement Added autorefresh into AIR application
FR5720 Improvement Improved the UI for the transaction relations tab
FR5732 Improvement Improved the transaction naming to attempt detection of path params
FR5820 Improvement Corrected scaling and units for buffer pool graphs
FR4991 Improvement Collections can now be seen in UPD interactive debug view
FR5737 Improvement Added connection details to JDBC (including CF DSN) and HTTPClient transactions
FR5805 Improvement Improved filtering for breakpoint locations in UPD
FR5755 Improvement Added warning when you are using ColdFusion memory monitor
FR5842 Improvement Improved ColdFusion 8/9 multi installer
FR5639 Improvement Improved Railo discovery procedure
FR5496 Improvement Improved validation when entering numbers


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5813 Improvement Support for ColdFusion 2016
FR5823 Bug The Manager user should be able to kill running requests but can’t.
FR5808 Bug Allow FusionReactor Cloud to change FusionReactors configuration values.
FR5796 Bug The process page does not display any processes on some systems.
FR5792 Bug Instance Manager should check the GLIBC version and not install the native agent when the GLIBC version is too old.
FR5785 Bug FusionReactor startup should log more information.
FR5768 Bug A large number of running requests causes Crash Protection email generation to degrade performance.
FR5734 Bug Reports title has no default font and white pixel dots appear in header.
FR5721 Bug The process page does not display any processes on some systems.
FR5721 Bug Request relations information shows the finish time as the start time.
FR5719 Bug Unresolved installer variable framPort when upgrading from 4.5.x
FR5670 Bug License activation on startup is attempted only once.
FR5667 Bug Stacked graphs series are inverted compared to FR 5.
FR5663 Bug Disabling the set home page button is broken.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5751 Improvement License lease renew now performs a ping not full deactivate / activate.
FR5756 Improvement Cloud connection disconnects on license deactivation.
FR5760 Bug Too many calls to getThreadAllocatedBytes on Java 1.6
FR5752 Bug ColdFusion Line Performance Tracking causes java.lang.ClassFormatError and LocalVariableTable has wrong length in class file.
FR5745 Bug Copyright updated to 2016.
FR5730 Bug Added missing (optional) RATE value to resource.log file.
FR5729 Bug Licensing activation now uses HTTPS.
FR4790 Bug Jetty Version header is incorrect in FusionReactor.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5727 Bug FusionReactor Administration Manager: remove the JAVA_HOME missing notification.
FR5726 Bug ColdFusion 9 Multiserver (Windows) using FRAM/Instance Manager to upgrade FusionReactor can cause the service parameters to become corrupt.
FR5724 Bug During some license operations (Check License, Activate/Deactivate), FusionReactor could spawn multiple metric shipping threads, causing holes to appear in cloud graphs.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5677 Bug QueryPlan on PostgreSQL runs the statements twice.
FR5679 Bug Create and drop statements break QueryPlan.
FR5679 Bug Prepared statement parameters are not correctly quoted in Java 1.8.
FR5681 Bug Any exception when running QueryPlan breaks JDBC, when running in PostgreSQL.
FR5695 Bug UPD stack traces in threads page does not show (Unknown Source) when the source is unknown.
FR5697 Bug QueryPlan does not work in Cursor mode, using MSSQL.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5669 Bug Instance Manager accidentally converts double back slashes to single back slashes in ColdFusion config files.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR5084 New Feature Added Production Debugger.
FR3026 New Feature Added System Monitor, tracking Disk IO, Network IO, System memory usage and CPU usage (per core and priority).
FR5146 New Feature Added ColdFusion line performance metrics.
FR5064 New Feature Added support and Instrumentation of Spring Java framework.
FR5055 New Feature Added support and Instrumentation of Struts2 Java framework.
FR5422 New Feature Added ability to decompile classes at runtime.
FR5240 New Feature Added support for Jboss (Wildfly) 9 in Instance Manager.
FR5157 New Feature Added ability to obfuscate data in tracked mongodb transactions.
FR4371 New Feature Added Transaction Allocated bytes to the transactions and requests.
FR5019 New Feature Added transaction by memory allocation tracking.
FR5017 New Feature Added button to automatically tail logs in FusionReactor.
FR4984 New Feature Added new license type ‘Ultimate’.
FR4974 New Feature Added sub flavors for JDBC requests (select, insert, etc).
FR4931 New Feature Added sub flavor for web requests (post, get, options, etc).
FR4649 New Feature Added Sub flavor to Hibernate transactions (list, flush, save, etc.)
FR4907 New Feature Added application and transaction naming to tracked transactions in FusionReactor.
FR4894 New Feature Added native library for Sigar on ARM architecture.
FR4852 New Feature Added support for Lucee in Instance Manager.
FR4848 New Feature Added warning banner to FusionReactor to alert users of important events (license expiration etc.).
FR4718 New Feature Added Weekly and Monthly Reports.
FR4705 New Feature Added the FusionReactor version to the FusionReactor API (FRAPI).
FR4465 New Feature Added methods getActiveTransaction and getActiveMasterTransaction to the FusionReactor API (FRAPI).
FR4494 New Feature Added optional data obfuscation for SQL statements.
FR4388 New Feature Added optional SQL explain when query runs over a given threshold.
FR4362 New Feature Added graphing for BufferPools (Java 1.7+).
FR3979 New Feature Added ColdFusion Monitor metrics into FusionReactor graphing.
FR3743 New Feature Added http session tracking (KNOWN ISSUES).
FR5290 New Feature Added systemd support for linux systems.
FR4892 Improvement Changed the charting library to use HighCharts.
FR5124 Improvement Archive log files are now downloadable via the FusionReactor UI page.
FR4959 Improvement JDBC statement truncation is enabled and set to character length of 250.
FR4913 Improvement Upgraded Jetty to version 7.6.X.
FR4363 Improvement Updated OSGi dependency bundles.
FR5176 Improvement Performance enhancements to reduce memory and increase throughput.
FR5248 Improvement Improvements to the FRAM install process.
FR5187 Improvement Updated bundled Java version to 1.8.
FR4458 Improvement FusionReactor uninstaller will now deactivate the license used by FRAM.
FR5142 Improvement Upgraded FusionReactor setup to use install4j 6.
FR5256 Improvement Improved support for Glassfish 3/4 in Instance Manager.
FR5254 Improvement Improved support for CF9 Solr instance in Instance Manager.
FR5069 Improvement Improvements to the user experience when installing via the Instance Manager.
FR5156 Improvement Added notification if the JAVA_HOME variable is not set for the FRAM environment.
FR4521 Improvement Added uninstall option for Railo instance in Instance Manger.
FR4683 Improvement Added auto complete to instance manager folder location input box.
FR5173 Improvement CrashProtection emails are now in HTML format.
FR5150 Improvement Optionally make ‘Untracked’ transaction not count towards Request Quantity protection limit
FR5226 Improvement Performance fixes when CrashProtection is enabled.
FR4772 Improvement Changed the UI element for the CrashProtection memory protection value to be a slider.
FR5016 Improvement Daily report improvements.
FR4794 Improvement FusionReactor reports, now state the FusionReactor version in the text.
FR4713 Improvement Emails from FusionReactor will now contain the time stamp when they are sent.
FR4596 Improvement Added FusionReactor version to all emails.
FR4412 Improvement Added hostname and instance name to emails from FusionReactor.
FR4055 Improvement Reports from FusionReactor will now alert when the trail license is being used.
FR4056 Improvement Reports will now include the total uptime for the server, if the uptime exceed one 24 hour period.
FR4051 Improvement Report will now include the number of session.
FR4836 Improvement Improvements to the AIR application password handling.
FR4880 Improvement Allow FusionReactor instance name to be set in the UI.
FR4877 Improvement Stop using Jquery history for all bu IE8.
FR4764 Improvement Improved handling of FusionReactor UI updates after updating the FusionReactor jar
FR4732 Improvement Improved the 404 handling for FusionReactor pages.
FR4715 Improvement After a successful login FusionReactor will redirect you to the requested URL.
FR4533 Improvement Improved the user experience when performing a manual activation.
FR4693 Improvement Improved the warning messages when adding restrictions (Crash Protection, Content Filters, Compression and general restrictions).
FR5312 Improvement Change the page title when viewing plugin log files.
FR4506 Improvement TOC entries will now open on mouse over.
FR4496 Improvement Improved the Email setting page usability.
FR4350 Improvement Improved the UI to identify dead locked threads.
FR4954 Improvement Allow for Transaction history sizes to be configurable in FusionReactor UI.
FR4927 Improvement Added UI button to switch between activity and time graphs.
FR3339 Improvement Improved the charting and UI for the garbage collection graphs.
FR5484 Improvement The FusionReactor UI menu system has been rearranged to move more important sections higher, also adding new feature sections.
FR5167 Improvement Added support for using AppDynamics and FusionReactor together.
FR5051 Improvement Reduced FusionReactors output to standard err and standard out.
FR5429 Improvement FusionReactor will no longer attempt to start when ColdFusion stop or status is being run (CF10/CF11).
FR3556 Improvement Improved FusionReactor support for JBoss and Wildfly by automattically add required packaged to the JBOSS_MODULES_SYSTEM_PKGS system property.
FR4996 Improvement Improved support for MongoDB, adding support for version 3 of the Java driver.
FR4847 Improvement Removed support for Java 1.5.
FR4869 Bug Fixed OutOfMemoryError when monitoring Atlassian Fisheye with FusionReactor.
FR5158 Bug Fixed invalid registry key being used in Instance Manager when installing FusionReactor into Railo as a windows service.
FR4803 Bug Fixed Instance manager removing the Railo agent string, when uninstalling FusionReactor.
FR4701 Bug Fixed incorrect line being patched when installing FusionReactor via the Instance manager.
FR4831 Bug Fixed incorrect parsing of SQL statements with ‘?’ in comments or strings.
FR4778 Bug Fixed NullPointerException when stopping a FusionReactor plugin.
FR4779 Bug Fixed NullPointerException when trying to view config page for a stopped FusionReactor plugin.
FR4719 Bug Fixed CrashProtection rejecting semi-colon separated lists of email address.
FR4677 Bug Fixed issue when you have more than 11 groups in the Enterprise Dashboard.
FR4602 Bug Fixed Content Length and Content Type values for request when viewing the request details page.
FR5435 Bug Fixed thread activity graph showing the peak thread count, and not the current number of active threads.
FR5350 Bug Fixed exception when Instance Manager runs a scan with out sufficient permission to access files.
FR5374 Bug Fixed exception when setting the log view size to 0.
FR5313 Bug Fixed incorrect value when graph and logging MX Metaspace total (Java 1.8 only).
FR5037 Bug Fixed mac address used in license requests from not being updated.
FR5442 Bug Fixed deactivated licenses reactivating on start up.
FR5109 Bug Fixed broken links in the FusionReactor mobile application.
FR5341 Bug Fixed exception when attempting to view pages in the AIR application when cookie has expired.
FR5030 Bug Fixed file corruption when FusionReactor would save configuration files on shut down.
FR5364 Bug Fixed incorrectly set dirty shut down flag.
FR4928 Bug Fixed SIGAR native library loading on Redhat and CentOS servers.


Key Summary
FR4787 FusionReactor instances on Jetty servers can not be used on the external web server
FR5476 FRAM can’t stop Jetty servers, but can start them. It must be stopped manually.
FR5478 In 6.0.0, the port number that FusionReactor listens on is now configurable in both FRAM, and the actual FR instance. However, if the port is changed in one place, this is not reflected on the other. This can lead to the link provided on FRAM to your FR instance no longer pointing to the correct location.
FRS362 There are a few known issues when tracking session with FusionReactor. More.

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Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-364
Components: Installer
Resolution: Fixed
Last Updated: Today 9:17 AM
Affects Version: 6.0.0
Fixed Version: 6.0.0
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