Black Friday Sale 2019

FusionReactor ends support for Java 1.6
[FRS-473] System metrics unavailable in a Locked down ColdFusion server
Black Friday Sale 2019, FusionReactor
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Half Price FusionReactor Developer Edition annual license

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What is FusionReactor Developer Edition?

The FusionReactor Developer Edition can be used in development and test environments (*) to help you to pinpoint issues and performance bottlenecks before applications are deployed to production.

It has all the same features and functionality of the FusionReactor Ultimate Edition which is used all over the world by Java and CFML developers who are looking for deep insight into their code.

What does FusionReactor Developer Edition do?

High-level features

FusionReactor Developer has all of the features that you would expect to find in a APM

  • Application monitoring
    • Transactions, web requests, JSON, JMX, Kafka, Java & CF
  • Database monitoring – JDBC requests 
    • Slowest requests, numbers of requests, and any errors
  • End-User monitoring 
    • Sessions, DB time, request time – live and aggregated 
  • System monitoring for your instance and your system & server
    • CPU, heap and non-heap, garbage collection information, thread state 

Low-level deep insight

If you are looking for deep insight then FusionReactor delivers

  • Automated root cause analysis – automated delivery of code, scope variables and stack when an issue arises 
  • Production safe debugging with a user-friendly IDE style debugger 
  • Advanced profiling
    • Code profiler insight into code performance issues 
    • The memory profiler enables you to isolate memory leaks and excessive object creation 
    • The thread profiler will detect thread contention, deadlocks and show thread state 
    • The CPU profiler analyses the CPU usage per running thread and will enable you to find performance bottlenecks

Who would use FusionReactor Developer Edition

FusionReactor Developer Edition is used by Java and CFML developers around the globe who need deep insight into their applications during development and testing stages.

How do I buy the FusionReactor Developer Edition?

The easiest way to buy FR Developer is directly from us; don’t forget to use this coupon code FR-DEV-SAVER-19 at checkout and get the annual license for half price saving $100.

Black Friday Sale 2019

FusionReactor Developer Edition Usage Policy (EULA)

FusionReactor Developer Edition enables you to develop, test, evaluate, and analyze applications that are running in a non-production environment. The Developer Edition may not be used to monitor an application which is running in a live or stand-by production environment or staging environment, in each case, including, without limitation, in any environment accessed by application end- users, including, but not limited to, servers, workstations, kiosks, and mobile computers.