FR8 is released

FusionReactor awarded FeeFo Gold for the 3rd consecutive year
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FusionReactor announces the immediate release of FusionReactor 8 embracing automated root cause analysis

FusionReactor 8 (FR8) has been designed to make a developers life easier and dramatically reduce the time required to figure out what’s gone wrong in a production environment.  The game-changing “Events Snapshot” capability takes the hard work out of debugging by automatically tracking all latency and thread errors and presenting the developer with insight immediately after the error has occurred.   

FR8 is released, FusionReactor
Event Snapshots – Automated Root Cause Analysis

For decades, developers have had to struggle with analyzing log files to figure out why production software is broken – the capability in FusionReactor dramatically revolutionizes this process, by automatically capturing detailed, structured information at the point that errors occur.  FR8 will capture variable state across the whole scope of the stack, logged information and even instantly decompiles your code to show you the full context of where and why something is broken.

“In FR6 we introduced a Java debugger, which can be safely and securely used in production environments, FR8 takes this a step further and automates the process so that issues can be instantly identified allowing developers to spend less time looking for defects and more time creating new code” David Tattersall CEO

Richer metric information

FusionReactor will now automatically capture any information which has been written to logs using one of the standard logging API’s, such as cflog, log4j 2, logback, SLF4J and Apache Commons Logging.

FR8 is released, FusionReactor
FusionReactor – Transaction history, showing that JSON Data has been captured

Data-interchange information which is formatted in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is now captured by FusionReactor. Today, when any two applications communicate with each other across the internet, odds are they do so using JSON.  The ability to load and manipulate JSON feeds from other sites via AJAX has become a major part of the developer toolkit. FusionReactor will now auto-detect all transactions which pass JSON either in or out.

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