FusionReactor 7.x Release Notes

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FusionReactor 7.x Release Notes


Status: 11-Feb-2019

Welcome to FusionReactor!

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These Release Notes describe what is contained in this release, provide late-breaking news and list additional documentation for the software.

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Key Issue Type Summary
FR7593 Bug Fix an issue where the number of transactions sent to the cloud in the minute datapacks could be unlimited.
FR7600 Bug Fix an issue where the transactions being sent via the Running/Recent transactions IR could be unlimited
FR7622 Bug Fix an issue when using CFMAIL tag with createTimeSpan would cause the Request Details IR to fail.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7490 Bug Fix an issue where the sender and recipient of the CFMAIL tag were tracked incorrectly on Adobe ColdFusion servers.
FR7486 Bug Fix an issue where conditional breakpoints on Adobe ColdFusion 2018 would not fire.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7452 Bug Fix a NullPointerException on the stack trace thread and thread details page when using an ENT or STD license.
FR7467 Bug Fix a live lock which could cause requests within ColdFusion to hang forever.
FR7468 Bug Fix ColdBox transaction name discovery so requests  show the correct event name.
FR7470 Bug Fix an issue with the decompiler where decompliation issues would prevent users from using the Debugger.
FR7469 Bug Fix a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown from Mongo Transactions.
FR7471 Bug Fix an issue where some attributes for CFFTP, CFLDAP, CFMAIL, CFPOP, CFIMAP tags would not be captured in FusionReactor


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7403 New Feature Add tracking of Asynchronous User Defined Functions (UDF) on Adobe Coldfusion 2018.
FR7410 Bug Fix an issue where CFHTTP tracking would break the CFHTTP tags on some versions of Adobe ColdFusion when using query parameters.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6984 New Feature Track CFFTP, CFLDAP, CFMAIL, CFPOP, CFIMAP tags calls as transactions in ColdFusion.
FR7356 New Feature Track CFFTP, CFLDAP, CFMAIL, CFPOP, CFIMAP tags calls as transactions in Lucee
FR7385 New Feature Add support to Instance Manager for ColdFusion 2018 and ColdFusion 2018 Express.
FR6944 New Feature Add support to Instance Manager for WildFly 11, 12 and 13.
FR7389 Improvement Improve the Server Info page to show Wildfly installations as Wildfly and not JBoss.
FR7391 Improvement Removed the option (added in FR 7.3) to enable CF’s “memory tracking” as this feature has been removed by Adobe in ColdFusion 2018.
FR7066 Improvement Show the running profile UI for Threads on the thread details page.
FR7351 Improvement Improve tracking of CFHTTP calls in Lucee as they are asynchronous and didnt appear below the page / context which triggered them.
FR7359 Bug Fix a NullPointerException in the Enterprise Dashboard when servers auto-register themselves with the dashboard.
FR7342 Bug Fix an issue where exceptions in Wildfly 8 would not be tracked on WebRequests which actually errored.
FR7046 Bug Fix an issue with the debugger where it would show just “null” for map entries when the value was null but it should show key = null.
FR7343 Bug Fix FusionReactor so that it no longer triggers Wildfly 11 to log error when running the first WebRequest.
FR7327 Bug Fix FusionReactor so that Wildfly 13 now starts when FR is installed.
FR7361 Bug Fix a NullPointerException in the Enterprise Dashboard when clients automatically register with it.
FR7392 Bug Fix an issue where FusionReactor would capture the errors from WebRequest so that they would not be sent be shown to the end user in WildFly.
FR7390 Bug Fix a typo on the Server Info page where Railo was spelt Ralio.
FR7383 Bug Fix an issue where many Kafka metrics causes large memory usage when using large number of partitions as it tracked many series of data for each partition.
FR7347 Bug Fix an issue when applying a license that the HEAD request would be sent to on prem license server and not cloud licensing server.
FR7360 Bug Remove a print message where FusionReactor is logging to standard out.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7396 Bug Fix an issue with the log archive handling, on Windows OS, that could cause files to be left in the, normally empty, instance ‘scheduler’ folder.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7187 New Feature Support for Java 10.
FR7353 New Feature Support ColdFusion2018 + ColdFusion2018 Solr servers in Instance Manager.
FR7250 New Feature FR Cloud: Can now show active profile icon with the new Immediate Request API (IR).
FR7084 New Feature Graph Improvement: Y axis can be auto-scaled on each page.
FR7117 Improvement Allow FusionReactor be be able to configure the ColdFusion Server Monitor on ColdFusion 2018 servers.
FR7323 Improvement Add FusionReactor version and license information to the system information page in FR.
FR7282 Improvement FusionReactor can detect server which command box version is being used on.
FR7257 Improvement Add server discovery for jboss 6 which allows the user to see what JBoss version they are running on the System Info page.
FR7244 Improvement FR Cloud: Improvements to thread dump IR command to include more thread meta data to match FR thread pages.
FR7238 Improvement Allow Obfuscation of the IP address (other GDPR related data).
FR7086 Improvement Allow the System Information page to be used without a license so it can be used to debug licensing activation failures and sent to our support.
FR6849 Improvement Add an option to save the test email input in the email settings so that the global setting is only changed when the user wants it to be.
FR7154 Improvement FR Cloud: Support include subtransaction information in IRs for recent and running transactions, webrequests and jdbc.
FR7245 Improvement FR Cloud: Improve the error handling and feedback when using the Profiler start/stop IR commands.
FR7218 Improvement FR Cloud: Allow the cloud to show the same logs (current FR logs).
FR7318 Improvement FR Cloud: Allow the user to delete/clear logs via the delete log IR command.
FR7153 Improvement FR now attempts to capture log files from tomcat. E.g.catalina.out, localhost.log etc which are archived along with normal FR logs.
FR7085 Improvement Provide the user the ability to copy the Server Information page to the clipboard to help with support cases.
FR7222 Improvement FR Cloud: Default to sending more profile entries to the cloud via the Profiler IR command.
FR7242 Improvement Add version metadata to data sent to FR Cloud.
FR7330 Bug NullPointerException in Mongo BatchCursor Pointcut causes BatchCursor to log too much
FR7331 Bug NewRelic and FusionReactor do not work together.
FR7328 Bug Fix Railo so that it appears correctly in the Server Information page.
FR7319 Bug FusionReactor Mailer does not handshake correctly with non TLSv1 servers.
FR7310 Bug NullPointerException with 7.2.x and ColdFusion 11 solr on license activation.
FR7305 Bug CF 9 server discovery is broken in FR and reports the version as UNKNOWN.
FR7304 Bug Intrascope and FR do not work together.
FR7302 Bug Add docker instances information to the Server Info page.
FR7281 Bug ColdFusion 2016 with Oracle and FR 7.2.2 doesnt work.
FR7255 Bug JBOSS 6 startup is broken.
FR7253 Bug Not all profiles are tracked in profile history page for some transactions.
FR7243 Bug FR Cloud : The transaction recent/history IR has a max limit of 20 sub transactions.
FR7234 Bug ColdFusion Transaction name SOURCE attribute is incorrect in some cases causing the value to be tracked as coming from the wrong source.
FR7236 Bug FR Cloud : Transaction details are missing from profiler records with the Profiler IR.
FR7230 Bug Cassandra pointcut affects the performance of class loading.
FR7186 Bug FusionReactor logs don’t always log at 5 second intervals, it’s randomly 6.
FR7161 Bug FR Cloud : Duplicate locks “waiting” entries are shown in the Stacktrace IR for some threads.
FR7159 Bug When no profiler data is available for a thread the message is not very clear.
FR7140 Bug NullPointerException occurs on startup of Lucee 4.5.5 under heavy load.
FR7136 Bug Using JMX Bean Viewer with the CPU bean affects the CPU graphs of FusionReactor due to a bug with how Java handles multiple requests to the CPU bean per second.
FR7089 Bug Decompiler: The dialog should flag when the source file is unavailable and have a link to Debug->Sources page so the user can add paths and use the source code instead of decompiling their classes all the time.
FR7056 Bug FusionReactor Debugger can trigger class loading to occur which can have strange side effects.
FR6340 Bug Exclude Exception in FusionReactor cannot be used with tomcat as all exceptions are JasperExceptions. We now support unwrapping these exceptions by default to allow the excludes to work on the cause.
FR7223 Bug The “Root Transactions” error history page is empty.
FR7227 Bug Some pages in FR overwrite native JS code which can cause some FR pages to stop working until the user does a hard refresh (F5)
FR7184 Bug DB time is larger than the webrequest duration in some cases with JDBC transactions. This was specific to cases where the same JDBC Statement was reused over and over.
FR7168 Bug FR Cloud: Network issues when connecting to the cloud were not logged.
FR7213 Bug FR Cloud: The Live Mode for graphs like CPU, Heap, Webrequests in the cloud should initalise to 60 points, not 1.
FR7013 Bug FR Cloud: The connected icon shows a green icon, even when no data can be sent to the cloud
FR7307 Bug KakfaProducer mixin is broken on newer versions of Kafka causing no Kafka send transactions to be tracked
FR7114 Bug FR Cloud : Return meaningful error codes for failing IRs
FR7076 Bug JDBC failover isn’t tracked correctly in FusionReactor when using MySQL with fallback servers. I.e more than 1 server in the connection string.
FR7254 Bug FusionReactor disables itself if an invalid response comes back from licensing server even though it should keep running untill the license lease expires.
FR6973 Bug Add pauses between license activation attempts on startup to allow Docker network to stabilize, without this FR can attempt to license before the network is available and the instance will stay offline for the first 10 minutes.
FR7301 Bug FR Cloud: The Profiler IR should return the full transaction if the profile information was triggered from the slow transaction or profiled from the transaction page.
FR7300 Bug FR Cloud: The Thread List and Stacktrace IR commands should include full transactions to provide the cloud with a consistent view of the system when the IR runs.
FR7249 Bug Unify data across cloud APIs to ensure the Cloud UI can consistently show transactions.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7311 Bug NullPointerException occurs on ColdFusion 11 solr on license activation
FR7314 Bug New versions of Kakfa Producer fails with FusionReactor
FR7317 Bug FusionReactor emailer does not correctly handshake with non TLSv1 mail servers


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7280 Bug hostnames are persisted in FR after the first startup which causes dockers with a common base image to appear as clones in FusionReactor Cloud.
FR7256 Bug JBoss 6 startup fails due to NPE when discovering the version of the server.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7241 Bug The Root transactions error history is empty.
FR7239 Bug Cassandra pointcut affects performance of class loading.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7224 Bug JDBC row count is 0 when using execute() and getResultSet()


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6107 New Feature Support for Java 9
FR6991 New Feature Metric and Log Archive History Viewer for displaying the log archive library
FR6971 New Feature Add Search capability to Profiler Pages e.g. to allow specific threads to be shown
FR6967 New Feature Send FR page use data to Cloud to help us improve the product
FR7025 Improvement Cloud data:  provide more information about Transaction type breakdown
FR6963 Improvement If a ColdFusion template is de-compiled FR will now show the CF source if available – rather than the Java
FR7047 Improvement Add OSGi Event when a Log Rotation occurs
FR6835 Improvement Improve the information (404) page which is returned when a request or transaction is flushed from history
FR7107 Improvement Allow or Activate De-compilation from the Cloud
FR7030 Improvement Improve the license banner notification for monthly subscription users
FR7069 Improvement Log the error count in the resource log as we do the current running request count
FR7036 Improvement Add docker “machine data” to Cloud data
FR7037 Improvement Add “windows id” in place of bootid when running on windows (docker machine data)
FR6966 Improvement Detect server type – send to Cloud / Portal
FR6972 Improvement Add Filtering by state to all thread pages.
FR6962 Improvement Enable filtering of thread state on the Thread Visualizer Screen
FR7039 Improvement Back-end performance Improvements to Archive Viewer
FR7138 Bug Profiler locks are shown at the wrong location in some cases.
FR7110 Bug NPE when viewing request details
FR7067 Bug FR compatibility with h2 databases
FR6998 Bug Ensure AWS Metrics push selects the most appropriate hostname for {hostname}tag.
FR6987 Bug NPE from Cloud communications bundle (GCS)
FR6979 Bug Un-installer does not deactivate license anymore
FR6970 Bug Requests > Active > Stack Trace All – formatting error when no requests are running
FR6968 Bug NPE in mailer job
FR6955 Bug Concurrent Modification Exception from log plugin manager
FR6947 Bug Upgrading the server via FRAM sometimes causes the restart to fail.
FR6784 Bug FR unexpectedly shows “License Deactivate” warning notification
FR6884 Bug The max value in some statistical aggregates is incorrect
FR7032 Bug Concurrent Modification Exception in some circumstances (BaseTransaction)
FR7097 Bug AWS CloudWatch Metrics should not be available for the observer user.
FR6885 Bug The total number of transactions in a cloud data transfer is too large
FR7106 Bug FR blocks servlet 3 Async requests from completing (Was: FR does not work on confluence)
FR7199 Bug A security fix in the UI
FR7071 Bug Profiler: GC roots icons are too close to arrows (tree table)
FR6701 Bug Debug: Debugger edit forgets some values.
FR6960 Bug Debug: Debugger should show colors for classname + methods on the Breakpoints page
FR7072 Bug GC Roots page has text overlap when smaller
FR6953 Bug Activation information is incorrect (FR + ODL-service)
FR7004 Bug HTTP auto fallback in on-premise licensing is not working
FR7113 Bug Grace period text improvement
FR7034 Bug InstanceManager uninstall does not deactivate license
FR7052 Bug memorysummary.log data wrong
FR7104 Bug CPU Sampler doesnt work on observer roles
FR7075 Bug Total CPU and Instance CPU inaccurate values in resource.log
FR6997 Bug Java 9: CPU graphs are missing.
FR7088 Bug Profiler UI should have no space between scalar time and unit (ms, µs)
FR7182 Bug A security fix in the UI
FR7077 Bug NPE on transaction details page
FR6882 Bug NumberFormatException in running request details page
FR7105 Bug JDBC: Connection string not processing all Oracle versions
FR7108 Bug Request parameters with no value are not tracked within FR
FR6974 Bug Country on System metrics page reports the machine locale not the geolocation. This should be made clearer in the user interface.
FR7133 Bug StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when viewing the JMX beans
FR7193 Bug Archive Viewer – Spreadsheet scrolling issues
FR7090 Bug Decompiler: add source name to UI.
FR7091 Bug Thread view: table flash on refresh while filter is reapplied.
FR7074 Bug Empty dialog box when clicking Select box in FRAM (IE11)
FR7022 Bug NullPointerException when trying to stacktrace all threads
FR7020 Bug Debug: UPD doesnt escape map values in some cases.
FR7006 Bug The heap memory graph’s smaller timeline graph should be set to Heap/Used
FR7094 Bug miscellaneous issues with Archive Viewer (batch)
FR7029 Bug Improve performance of Profiler Tree
FR6644 Bug Weblogic: FusionReactorServletRequestProxy cannot be cast to weblogic.protocol.ServerChannelStream
FR7115 Bug IllegalAccessError when using Vert.x MongoDB Client 3.5.1



Key Issue Type Summary
FR6064 New Feature CPU Sampler
FR6060 New Feature Thread Visualizer
FR6394 New Feature Websocket Compression for data travelling to FusionReactor Cloud
FR6868 New Feature Initial support for Clojure instrumentation
FR6820 Improvement Kafka (producer) instrumentation
FR6769 Improvement Support for Docker detection and reporting
FR5997 Improvement Debugger: Add more information when triggers are pending
FR6862 Improvement Metrics: Supply more diagnostic information when the instance has no permission to gather performance data from the host
FR6799 Improvement Add a link to FusionReactor Cloud underneath the cloud connection status icon
FR6798 Improvement Improve the 404 page which is returned when a request is flushed from history
FR6910 Improvement Kafka: Improve the coloring of Kafka consumer callback transactions in the Details page
FR6932 Improvement Reconnect to FusionReactor Cloud after a change of the instance name
FR6894 Improvement Thread Colours in FR are inconsistent across pages
FR6914 Improvement Track and report per-app Root (Master) and All Transaction throughput metrics
FR6928 Bug AWS CloudWatch: The client always uses eu-west-1 as the service endpoint, even if another region is selected in configuration
FR6771 Bug Daily Reports can slow down startup
FR6791 Bug NullPointerException from connection string processor
FR6792 Bug Wrong name is used for DB links
FR6804 Bug Oracle DB data source are all grouped under the name NULL with hostname unknown
FR6806 Bug __fusionreactor_exclude is ignored when specified on JDBC Connection URLs
FR6811 Bug IP address is initialized to if connection to License Service fails
FR6834 Bug Kill Thread command from Cloud can return incorrect new state of thread
FR6843 Bug StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when viewing the details of a request
FR6818 Bug Coldbox 3.8.1 can cause an Exception to be thrown when deriving the name of the transaction
FR6847 Bug StackOverflow on Oracle JDBC driver during close operation
FR6793 Bug Jersey/Grizzly instrumentation: Request Details are lost when page is refreshed
FR6801 Bug FR compression makes ColdFusion Admin (built-in web server) slow (servlet 3.1)
FR6825 Bug AWS CloudWatch plugin must honor Proxy settings
FR6863 Bug Negative time displayed on Network Usage on System Metrics
FR6861 Bug Disk IO Graph on system metrics is empty
FR6844 Bug Unable to manual activate license with proxy configured
FR6880 Bug Daily reports generates incorrect points when the clocks go forward
FR6814 Bug License cannot be renewed through proxy
FR6822 Bug Source file / Line number breakpoints no longer fire in Lucee 5
FR6800 Bug Cannot debug a class that has been recompiled with Lucee
FR6911 Bug ClassCastException on JMX MBean page (CF9)
FR6890 Bug FusionReactor doesn’t reconnect to the Cloud in some circumstances
FR6917 Bug Changing License key via license.key file displays wrong About page in some cases
FR6924 Bug Proxy settings message says it can communicate with the internet even with incorrect proxy settings
FR6926 Bug Proxy window “Attempt Online Activation” doesn’t do anything in some cases
FR6921 Bug Instance Manager: error installing FR into Tomcat servers (Windows)
FR6922 Bug Cannot license an install via manual activation
FR6945 Bug Tomcat 8 (Windows): uninstall leaves registry key in inconsistent state
FR6848 Bug Lucee exceptions are no longer tracked in FR
FR6938 Bug Test Proxy button on about page is showing undefined instead of the test result


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6864 Bug When the application servers runtime user does not have permissions to view the performance counters on Windows operating system then FusionReactor shows strange system uptime values.
FR6865 Bug Negative time showing on Network Usage on System Metrics when removing, adding or reconfiguring network cards on Windows operating systems.
FR6866 Bug Disk IO Graph on system metrics doesn’t display data on the System Metrics page.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6841 Bug StackOverflow on Oracle JDBC driver during close operation when using closeStatementOnClose API.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6830 Bug StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when viewing the details of a request
FR6817 Bug NullPointerException in ColdFusionTransactionNamingPointcut using ColdBox 3.8.1
FR6810 Bug IP address is initialized to if connecting ODL fails
FR6812 Bug License cannot be renewed through proxy


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6795 Bug The error series is showing error avg duration as error duration sum.
FR6802 Bug Oracle DB data source are all grouped under the name NULL with hostname unknown.
FR6803 Bug Incorrect name is used for DB links.
FR6805 Bug Datasource properties like “__fusionreactor_exclude” do not work with mixins.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6790 Bug NullPointerException when processing Macromedia Oracle JDBC connections strings.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6786 Bug Release notes and third party links point to FR6 version not FR7.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6779 Bug The Memory Profiler live heap view can crash the JVM when the environment has a very small thread stack size (-Xss) combined with a large number of classes loaded


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6770 Bug NullPointerException can occur during license renewal.
FR6768 Bug Monitoring kafka can log a stacktrace to the stdout on startup.
FR6763 Bug Reports can affect startup performance if the JVM shutdown just as the reports email was being sent.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR6248 New Feature ‘WebRequest’ metric support for running a standalone Jersey / Grizzly server
FR5992 New Feature Support for vert.x 3 metrics
FR6041 New Feature Support for Line performance in Lucee 5
FR6214 New Feature Support for Cassandra metrics
FR6321 New Feature Support for ColdFusion framework Framework One (FW/1)
FR6320 New Feature Support for ColdFusion framework Fusebox
FR6270 New Feature Support for Redisson (Redis)
FR5817 New Feature Make FusionReactor profiles available in FusionReactor Cloud
FR5851 New Feature Support simplified (single click) setting for set/unset breakpoints via de-compiled source and source files
FR5288 New Feature Support for X-Frame-Options HTTP header
FR6423 New Feature Ability to send FusionReactor metrics directly to AWS CloudWatch platform
FR6293 New Feature Visual indicator that a Developer license is in use
FR6424 New Feature Instrumentation of Garbage Collection (GC) Roots
FR6059 New Feature Instrumentation / graphing visualization for Java Management Extensions (JMX) MBeans
FR6065 New Feature Memory Sampling Profiler – able to show objects and bytes allocated
FR5188 New Feature Instrumentation metrics for MongoDB 3.0 Async driver
FR6429 New Feature Added Error JDBC and Web Request history
FR6446 New Feature Added Error JDBC and Web Request time series
FR6148 New Feature Added consumer metrics for Kafka™ distributed streaming platform
FR5738 New Feature Ability to Watch statements / variables in Production Debugger
FR5908 Improvement Improved FusionReactor support when running on IBM Java
FR6271 Improvement Improved FusionReactor Reports email when using Apple Mail Client
FR6450 Improvement Improved context reference information linking within the FR UI
FR6149 Improvement Added support for decompilation in Java 1.6
FR4618 Improvement Additional metrics – queryplan/explain information for MongoDB
FR5938 Improvement Added digest access authentication for Proxy Settings
FR6100 Improvement Added Microsoft NT LAN Manager NTLM Authentication to Proxy settings
FR5912 Improvement Improved charting / graphing components (Highcharts)
FR5715 Improvement Directly Pause/Suspend and debug a thread from the Running Requests and Thread screens
FR6222 Improvement Update to latest version of install4j (currently 6.1.3)
FR6221 Improvement Upgrade bundled JVM for FRAM to Java :
FR5928 Improvement Allow FusionReactor to specify its Enterprise Dashboard group when using remote registration
FR6169 Improvement Profiler metric information is now available for the Observer user role
FR5984 Improvement Thread list page is now sortable to enable faster identification of a specific thread
FR6145 Improvement Improvements to Manual License Activation experience
FR6384 Improvement Added latest DigiCert Certificate to Windows Setup
FR6237 Improvement Improvements to Test proxy button – so that it attempts both HTTP and HTTPS URL’s
FR6262 Improvement Improvements to Transaction naming to allow flexible / automatic recognition of framework transaction pages
FR6035 Improvement Automatically obfuscate data which matches Credit Card number format
FR6335 Improvement Improved handling / recognition of CFML transaction names
FR3769 Improvement Improved generic FusionReactor JDBC monitoring – implementation of point cuts rather than specific driver support
FR4648 Improvement Improve transaction UI to allow for Sub Flavor filtering
FR6181 Improvement Improvements to FusionReactor Profile rendering
FR6430 Improvement Improvements to Allocated Memory Rendering
FR6426 Improvement UI Improvements to decompiler dialog – now using vertical split rather than horizontal
FR6355 Improvement Added filtering to FusionReactor Profile data
FR5826 Improvement Allow connection to cloud through Proxy server
FR6171 Improvement Performance improvements to FusionReactor monitoring
FR6244 Improvement Improved FusionReactor Cloud data transport
FR6263 Improvement Improved data obfuscation is now included in log files when obfuscation is enabled
FR6451 Improvement Added data-source / table name to the list view in JDBC transaction rendering
FR6448 Improvement Improved transaction meta data rendering
FR6445 Improvement Added restrictions on decompiler being used for Observer role
FR6565 Improvement Improvements to FusionReactor license handling when encountering network issues
FR6629 Improvement Redesigned the FusionReactor Production Debugger UI
FR6656 Improvement Improved user feedback when encountering licensing errors
FR6152 Improvement Improved FusionReactor shutdown time
FR6264 Improvement Improved performance of FusionReactor start up time
FR5927 Improvement Improved performance of de-compilation (methods)
FR5510 Improvement Improved the display of large collections in FusionReactor Production Debugger
FR5704 Improvement Improved Stack trace rendering on JDBC Requests
FR6336 Improvement Improved the Error Code and Exception tracking exclusions
FR6176 Improvement The Y axis of the memory graph correctly uses the appropriate scaling in Web Metrics Page
FR6084 Improvement Improvement to JSP transaction names
FR6347 Improvement Improved user feed back when decompiler fails
FR6164 Bug Monthly Report Downtime Value is incorrect
FR6151 Bug Data not being sent to FusionReactor Cloud after renewal of previously expired license
FR6097 Bug Reduced noise in log files when FusionReactor encounters network issues
FR6053 Bug Corrected issues related to modifying the proxy server settings
FR6016 Bug Latest version of Lucee ( application server is not being detected in FRAM
FR5874 Bug Corrected issues related to the use of HTTPS for licensing
FR6257 Bug Corrected issues related to using different versions of fusionreactor.jar and native library
FR6279 Bug Corrected issue related to FusionReactor Profiler settings
FR6120 Bug Corrected issue related to Production Debugger not sending Emails
FR6298 Bug Corrected issue related to using Production Debugger on Tomcat 8.0.3
FR6310 Bug Corrected memory leak in Enterprise Dashboard (in browser)
FR6043 Bug Fixed some documentation links
FR6292 Bug Connection issues with FusionReactor Cloud
FR6104 Bug Fixed rate limiting of CrashProtection emails
FR4787 Bug Fixed external access to FusionReactor when using Jetty
FR6232 Bug Fixed issue when using jdwp debug agent and FusionReactor native debug agent
FR6192 Bug Fixed issues with logging when using Production Debugger
FR6360 Bug Profiler throwing NullPointerException
FR6186 Bug Daily reports not sent correctly when there is a back log of emails
FR5365 Bug Transaction Logger configuration not updating correctly
FR6273 Bug Corrected Railo/Lucee detection in Instance Manager
FR6282 Bug Improved user feed back with connection issues to FusionReactor Cloud
FR6051 Bug Fixed issue related to CrashProtection graphs
FR6334 Bug Improved tracking of Server Errors in FusionReactor
FR6052 Bug Clear history button not present on Rejections page
FR6249 Bug InvocationTargetException starting FusionReactor on ServiceMix (Karaf)
FR6306 Bug ClassInfoNotFoundException when using Lucee 4
FR6300 Bug Unable to install break points in constructors
FR6315 Bug Multiple entries in Profiler for finished transactions
FR6287 Bug ‘Set Home Page’ on Databases page does not store selected DB connection
FR6030 Bug Corrected display of line number when in native code
FR6295 Bug Fixed NullPointerException when transforming class
FR6361 Bug Performance improvements to class transforming
FR6367 Bug Disabled autocomplete for password fields in FusionReactor
FR6285 Bug The table name is not always detected correctly on mssql
FR6241 Bug MongoDB collection name not always detected
FR6380 Bug Improved modal rendering
FR6250 Bug Corrected issue related to using FusionReactor on Atlassian Jira with Jira compression enabled
FR6414 Bug Daily report email not being sent correctly
FR6036 Bug Relations Tab – Chart does not fill out 100% of page width
FR6397 Bug ClassInfoNotFoundException in Railo 4.1.2
FR6482 Bug Breakpoints not displayed on the correct line
FR6225 Bug Fixed sub type filtering on some history pages
FR6463 Bug Fixed an issue related to using proxy server with authentication
FR6303 Bug Fixed possible deadlock when using Production Debugger
FR6341 Bug Lucee 4.5.2 creates lots of JDBCRequest when using Query of queries
FR6596 Bug Classes with Unknown source have no title in Production Debugger
FR6625 Bug Query Plans not always triggered as expected
FR6666 Bug Report DownTime target is incorrect
FR6677 Bug Improved port detection for FusionReactor webserver on Windows
FR6712 Bug Production Debugger can’t remove cfm breakpoint

Issue Details

Type: Technote
Issue Number: FRS-431
Components: Installer
Last Updated: Just now
Affects Version:
Fixed Version: 7.0.0
Related Issues: FRS-364: FusionReactor 6.x Release Notes