Daily Archives: August 8, 2019

FusionReactor Is Perfect for CFML Troubleshooting

FusionReactor Is Perfect for CFML Troubleshooting “FusionReactor Is Perfect for CFML Troubleshooting” What do you like best? Being able to troubleshoot long-running web requests and SQL queries. Having access to the actual SQL that was generated is extremely helpful in diagnosing problems. Finally, enabling code test coverage is a fantastic edition for developers! What do […]

Amazing account manager service

What do you like best? Andy McAuliffe answered my original query and persevered with a really positive outcome for the company. He regularly followed up with me to ask how things were going and to check if we had any issues. What do you dislike? I am not in the technical team so cannot answer […]

Microservice support in FusionReactor 8.2.0

In FusionReactor 8.2.0 we have added support for the Java application Frameworks okHTML, Spring Boot and Micronaut.  This brings the list of supported Java application frameworks to; Spring framework, Spring Boot, okHTML, Micronaut, Struts 2, Play, Vaadin, JSF, Vertx, Grizzly and Jersey. In this blog, we look at why Microservices are beneficial to organizations, things […]

ColdFusion Class Checker

FusionReactor is used to monitor many ColdFusion servers but our support team keeps seeing an issue that FusionReactor cannot solve. This issue is that some of the ColdFusion classes, for the template cache, become corrupt.  This corruption isn’t caused by ColdFusion itself but when users or Windows Updates shut down the running instance.  If ColdFusion […]